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SocuSoft Web Video Player 1.20 has been released on Mar. 29, 2010! Download now to experience its new features!

SocuSoft Web Video Player is an easy-to-use powerful application for creating web videos with an embedded player which can be placed directly into the webpage.

As an all-in-one player, SocuSoft Web Video Player is integrated with several key components: flash video (FLV) player, video converter and web video generator. You can watch FLV videos in the mode of "Themes" of this program or using the integrated component -- video converter. The integrated video converter is a powerful tool for playing and converting videos. It accepts video files in a variety of formats, helping you to convert videos to FLV format for web video player. The component of web video generator makes it easy to create web videos to be watched on a website. A video player is embedded with the video into the webpage.

SocuSoft Web Video Player enables you to create web videos easily. Only three simple steps are needed. They are "(1) Video", "(2) Themes" and "(3) Publish". In the window of "Video", you may go to edit menu and choose "edit video file properties" to edit the property of your video file such as title, description, target URL and the thumbnail image. In the window of "Themes", there are different styles of player templates for you to choose. The setting panel allows you to manage your media files in your requirements efficiently. You can customize the parameters such as video size, play mode, and color settings for your video to match the style of your website or blog. In the window of "Publish", you may publish your video which will be embedded with a web player to control the play mode. The program generates web videos very fast. It is also convenient to get the output files which include html, xml, swf and relevant folders.

With such a powerful program, business users, web designers, video fans and other people can benefit a lot from it.

New Version Updates:

Web Video Player V1.20

1. Added 24 Featured Series templates/ player themes;
2. Support FLV files with H264 video codes;
3. Fixed the error: pressing "Enter" or "ESC" to exit;
4. Fixed the error: Properties cannot preview after publishing the videos;
5. Fixed the error: Some FLV files cannot load thumbnails;
6. Fixed the error: The program cannot be used when double click the title bar;
7. Improved batch adding video function and other functions.

Built-in Converter V2.80

1. Added Youtube video download formats: MP4, HD MP4, FLV and 3GP;
2. Added download option: Proxy settings;
3. Added output Profile options: iPhone 3GS,BlackBerry Tour 9630 and Google phone (T-mobile G1);
4. Fixed the error: Program exits while downloading Youtube videos/ videos cannot be downloaded;
5. Fixed the error: It may appear: "Seek failed on an unnamed file" at video conversion step;
6. Fixed the bug: Video playing quality is poor on some XP systems;
7. Fixed the error: It may appear: "Socket Error" or "Network Error" while downloading Youtube /Google Videos;
8. Improved the player and codes built-in function;
9. Added output Profile options for Nokia and BlackBerry new model devices;
10. Added Sync adjust option at A/V default mode;
11. Added output formats: swf,wmv,mov,wma,acc and m4a;
12. Fixed other errors.

Below are notable features of this program:

    Single/batch FLV video(s) input
  • You may input single video or batch clips to be published onto the same webpage.
    Single/batch video conversion of various formats into FLV or other formats
  • The integrated converter allows you to convert video files of different formats such as MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG-4, MPG, RM, RMVB, AVI, VOB, ASF, DV, 3GP, M1V and M2V into FLV or other formats. The conversion speed and quality are perfect.
    Quick editing of video file properties such as adding target URL of ads
  • You may choose the video clip and click the shortcut button "Edit" to edit video file properties in the mode of "(1) Video". You can change the title or the thumbnail image of the video, or add description and target URL such as company introduction, website URL and advertisement links.
    Cool themes for web videos
  • Video player templates of different styles are available in the mode of "(2) Themes". It is very convenient to preview the theme. Only one click is needed to embed the player to your video to preview. You may select one that matches the style of your website or blog.
    Rich parameter settings for web videos
  • The program provides advanced users with rich parameter settings for web videos. Go to "Customize Properties" at the bottom right window in the mode of "(2) Themes". There are basic properties, panel properties, video properties, etc. You may change movie size, play mode, background color and so on.
    Show/Hide of video play list and playback feature
  • The web video player supports show/hide of video play list. You can show a list of video files in one player. All video players have such features as playback, time display, volume control and full screen toggle buttons.
    Extremely easy to publish web videos and embedded player
  • The program allows you easily to publish your web video with an embedded player to be placed on your website, e-store or blog with only three simple steps. It can be placed directly into your webpage and played online.
    Convenient to get ready-made files for Dreamweaver or FrontPage
  • It is rather convenient to get the output files containing codes which include html, xml, swf and relevant folders for you to be edited by Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista 32Bit/ Win7 32Bit;
1000 MHz processor or faster processor;
256 MB RAM or more;
10GB free hard disk space or more;
Super VGA (1024*768) resolution or higher;
Web browser with flash player plug-in

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